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And so it comes to an end. January 11th 2011. I set myself the challenge to post a track a day for a year, and bar a few days here and there when I was too hungover/miserable/wayward to remember and had to catch up, I did it. I decided to set myself this challenge because as a music fan I found myself at the end of 2009 in a stagnant quagmire of unsatisfying music and with an unstable music-geek crown: entirely out of touch with new music and also the music I had always loved. So the point of this blog was to make me love music again in the way that I used to – like a greedy magpie chasing and hunting for new sounds. One Great Track has succeeded: at the beginning of 2011 I am more obsessed with music than I have ever been before, and I am excited about the future. Looking back over the entries is like looking at a musical diary – my 2010 in tracks. So it has also been very very personal ‘journey’ if you will. (what a wanker, I will stop now). HOWEVER, this blog will be back in a week or so, revamped, with a new purpose, and hopefully bigger and better. Thank you to everyone, especially some people (you know who you are) for getting involved and sparring back off me. That is the point of blogging and that has been fucking fantastic, so thanks. One Great Track is Dead. Long Live One Great Track.
And so to the final track for this incarnation of my blog. I knew what the last track would be before I knew the first. This is my ‘FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME’ without exception. The words always moved me, but in the last 3 weeks they have become even more pertinent to me. I love this artist, he has featured before on this blog several times over the past year. This is Prince, and this is Purple Rain.

Today’s post is a bit of a brain dump if I am honest, but all amazing tracks and things I had to get in before I sign off tomorrow. So, the main event today is Pariah’s Orpheus – Sarah and I were having a little kitchen rave to this last night as we cooked our maiden house dinner. This track was released a little while ago, but is fresh to my ears and I love it. This is a great atmospheric piece of dubstep: big, soaring, beautiful and melancholy all at the same time (which most of the best dubstep is in my opinion). Right, so below are various other things to check out. 1. Sicko Cell – written by an ‘unknown’ producer, who will surely be uncovered asap. So underground at the minute its not even on YouTube properly, so this is ripped from James Blake’s Boiler Room set (excuse the MC and the occasional bit of piercing feedback). 2. Maya Jane Coles first podcast for Resident Advisor released today. She is one of my best friends, and am hugely proud of her (check out track numero uno which is produced by another of my best friends Rob Shields, BOB, big up, love you). 3rd and FINAL is a track by Maya under her Nocturnal Sunshine dubstep monika which I have finally found in the NICK of time on YouTube. I have been rinsing Can’t Hide The Way I Feel since early summer and have been meaning to include it since then. It deservedly was included on Scuba’s RA podcast back then and of all the fantastic tracks Maya has ever written this is my personal favourite. The melody ebbs over you like water, and the beat is quite subtle, but it rises and falls like your breath, LOVE it. Phew, so that’s that. Roll up, roll up tomorrow for the final instalment of One Great Track (at least, as you know it).

As I am moving house today, and will have no internet tomorrow, I am going to load you guys up with Sunday’s track now. Well, I wouldn’t want you to think I had forgotten about you now would I? I am SO unbelievably late to this pop party, but I think Jessie J deserves all the success she is getting at the moment. She has a knock out voice, is fierce as hell, dresses her ass off and I cannot get this song out of my head… I truthfully listened to it about 10 ten times last night – on repeat. Rumour has it that she’s also part of the gay community, which if she’s legitimately repping London’s uber-stylish lesbian ladies with this awesome video would definitely be a fine thing. Either way, bad man video, bad man song (or should that be bad lady). This is Do It Like A Dude. (p.s how much do I NEED that hooded leotard in my life, seriously).

Here’s a brilliant remix that has been knocking round the internet for the past few months. This is the powerhouse new single from Adele as remixed by Jamie XX. Everything Jamie XX is doing currently seems to be in ascension, and his remix album with Gil Scott Heron and his latest DJ sets are some of the highlights. This is an excellent remix for Adele. This is Rolling in the Deep. Below is also a link to his storming eclectic Radio 1 mix he did for Benji B, well worth a listen.

I was having dinner with friends last night when I received a phone call from my Father – excitedly he announced he had a track for my blog that I had overlooked. I have to say that I feel quite buoyed by my Dad’s enthusiasm for this blog so not only is it going up as a thanks for the big ups (and scathing corrections) over the last year, but also because quite right he was to point out that I had overlooked this track. My family used to go on holiday to a farmhouse in the South of France. One evening on our last trip out there this track by Salif Keita came on as we were all sitting in the garden getting bitten by mosquitos and drinking glasses of wine. My sister and I either overwhelmed by heat or booze – perhaps both – started dancing like maniacs to this. It is a family Sawyer favourite. I think its a great example of how the roots of modern dance music from jungle to house to dub can be found in traditional African music – the offbeats, the pace, the syncopated rhythms. Anyway, this is Madan by Malian singer Salif Keita. Cheers Dad.

P.s Below is the much more famous remix of Madan by Martin Solveig – which I personally loathe. It doesnt make you dance any harder, in fact in my opinion it just waters the track down by making it some sort of balearic-terrace friendly douche douche douche number. Boring…

Today I am giving you two tracks mainly because they are tenuously related to each other. Both artists are on the deeply awesome Ghostly art and music label which is currently churning out incredible electronic music that makes my little heart sing. Their roster of artists is really quite impressive (Matthew Dear, Tycho, School of Seven Bells, Lusine amongst many others). Second, and here is where the link falls a little flat, I heard both of these tracks for the first time today via Soundcloud. Yeh… I told you it was weak. Anyway, as I still ponder the fate of this blog, I didn’t want to pick one over t’other – so win for you guys, you get both. Below is the ambient beauty of Polaroid Romance by Shigeto followed by the electro soul-fortifying glitch noise of Mux Mool with Get Better John. Both brilliant, both different, both heard for the first time today…


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  • Jill Sawyer: Looking forward to the new look blog. Thank you for much interesting listening and reading in 2011. xxx
  • Anne: And there was I thinking you were going to give me Dylan. XXX
  • beccaliveseast: I LOVE this song. She is amazing, I want that leotard, I had a dream about that leotard. Must. Get. Life. x